27 April 2006

TIME OUT: I woke thinking of a lost sister and how grievous is that she did not live long enough to dance with her adult sons.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I trained as an abnormal psychologist in hopes of pleasing my father whose hopes included my joining the FBI. My honourary uncles, two of the U.S.'s finest (may they now walk in peace), added their voices to the dissent-the dissenters prevailed.

Then I OJT'd as a hospice chaplain in a personal hope of one day becoming one officially, while still doing all that I could to stick to God's plan for me in particular, and His hopes for the world in general.

I took a time-out from it when a four year old died a couple of days after her mother's so-called pastor came officially to tell the dying child that she needed to "...Get right with God to avoid the sulfurous lake of fire..."

I tried to beat him to physically to the bloody pulp he has beaten his soul into after spending hours trying to help that little one find the courage to get some sleep-she was terrified to fall asleep because she didn't know how to ensure she was 'right with God' and thought, thanks to a bedtime prayer, that God would send her to hell from a slumber.

FINALLY: Life shouldn't be compressed into a sound bite. One of the greatest problems we face today is the drive to make it impossible to fully explore-to get to know before making a final decision on or about any topic or arbiter thereof.

I'm talking about the taking of multi-tasking to extremes.

Think about it-how come we are too damn busy to think about it?

Who gains? Not us.

Who loses? Well, we do. I know from personal experience just in this lifetime alone-no living breathing being can go 27/7/365 without more of a break than to inhale some gruel and bag 5-8 hours of sleep.

To feed the Machine's bottom line, the war on faith is escalating-Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Which brings me to:

IV-We shall honour the day of Sabbat, to keep it holy.


  1. I pretty much quit the internets over the past few months.

    I just couldn't handle the "yak".

    But I'm back.

    Rule #1: Don't beat anyone.



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