28 October 2005

I remember Ivan. And now, a year later, here is Tropical Storm Beta. HUH??

Fox was supposed to stay with me during the storm, but of course he didn't. The last time Fox showed a moment's concern for me was the morning of the 9/11 attacks, and that lasted only a few hours.

My son blames me for everything, including the end of the known world.

Anyway, I huddled in the bathroom with Fox's dog, sure the next tornado would be the one with mine and the dog's names on it. What a ghastly night and day that was. The winds began the night before, and they were terrible, bringing tornado after tornado, and I told myself if I survived I would never go through another one alone. I was so frightened at one point, so very sure I was about to die, that I texted Fox a long "Be a good father" message.

The next hurricane to come through was Dennis, this year, and I scooped up the dog and fled to Akbar's apartment. After the storm, Entrare called to tell me that Mobile was gone. Nope, not yet, but Katrina sure made a good try.

Just after Katrina, I gave notice to Simon LeGree, and by the 1st of October, I was outta there.

It feels a little strange to be sitting in cozy Atlanta watching the horror of so many storms that the Greek alphabet is now being utilized.

If this isn't the end of the known world, what is?

I just hope my bullets are dry.

Entrare, God bless him, bought me a pack of cigarettes last night. I found them on the pass-through this morning on my way out to work.


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