31 August 2010

Dazz is off on a business consult so I stayed in and am going to be getting some things done around the house...first thing is minding the fire.

We tested the newly installed wood stove day before yesterday-utterly lovely and heats far better than the old central gas system. We were very comfortable yesterday and last night, waking to a lovely chill-less house this morning! As the day is forecast to be as chilly as yesterday, I volunteered to give up the outing for the chore of keeping the home fire burning.

Besides, the poor man hasn't been off on his motorbike since I arrived nearly two weeks ago and I could see the longing in his face, lol! Ooooo, he looks soooooooooo sexy in his leathers, too!

So, the sweaters are in the wash, the 'investment cooking' of a lovely large casserole is split into portions and put into the fridge, and I'm keeping the fire going. Hmmm, let's see, what else...

I want to organize his cupboard, cut out some patterns because frankly I'm running out of clothing, and I want to start a crochet scarf for me-OMGsh Scotland is already experiencing a frost!! I also want to clean the cooker-the Scottish way to say stove-bloody hell bachelors can be blind!

Also hoping to run the vacuum, but I am not sure about the mechanism, I'll have to study it, Scottish vacuums look like American wet-dry vacs but I'm reasonably sure there does indeed exist a difference.

To Zippy, Sadie, and the rest of the crew, not sure when Mozart, Gonzo, and Gracie will be able to join us. I have to have my spousal visa and it is looking as though the process may take longer than expected to include the very real possibility that I may have to return to America for a few months-OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, settling in nicely. It is very strange to be doing so, what is the matter with me that I'm not suffering more homesickness? I do miss Mozart and his fur-sibs, I woke up missing my Ginger Boy terribly this morning.

Something interesting, the church here rings the bells on the hour. WOW, now that is nice!!


  1. Okay, I have to know, is there a Bosch front load washer and dryer in the kitchen? Cobblestone sidewalks? An old stone church in the middle of the village? Or have I read to many novels? ~Donna

  2. The washer is a Hotpoint front load, dryer is the clothesline in the back garden or the drying rack in front of the wood stove on rain days. The sidewalks, called pavements here, are mostly asphalt, but Dazz is a retired building and infrastructure conservation officer, and he proudly showed me the stretch of 400+ year old cobblestone STREET he was able to save during his tenure. It is incredible, streching an amazing 1/4 mile through town. Some of it is used for a car park but a majour portion of it is preserved as an open area fronting similarly aged houses.

    Not one but three stone churches, and several Gothic as well. Scotland really seems to treasure her history, at least in the Angus and Fife areas. People in this area are really good about maintaining their old houses, very few of the homes I've seen are 20th or 21st century models!

    So, no, not too many novels, lol!



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