30 October 2009

A quick update from the nice free computers at the local library...

Gonzo, Mozart and I are getting along although it has been now 32 days without a job. I keep sending the resume off, but no-one calls back.

I have to believe there is a reason, but holy moly, things are getting scary.

I come down to the library every Monday, Weds, and Friday to check the online ads and my gmail account hoping that something has turned over and I might find a job.

The cats and I are OK on food but the lot rent for the Tin Shack is coming due on the first-I have now $1.40, and no-where to turn.

Don't know what else to say. If you are a praying person, I would appreciate prayers. Things are tough everywhere-is Obama insane thinking that a recovery can happen without jobs? I lost mine to a younger and less paid girl-how is she going to make it if I wasn't making it all that well even though I live in a Tin Shack, and barely had Internet?

I read Catastrophe and The Big Squeeze, two books written recently about the nightmare we are going through. Catastrophe was a little (lot) slanted, but a number of the points were valid, and therefore scary. The Big Squeeze just made me cry from page one to page last-we are so screwed.

If I can find gasoline money (I am now on a quarter tank, with no money coming in-hey, if I had anything worth pawning I would, but I can't even afford a converter box for my old TV) I'll try to keep this blog updated.

Lord? I know you hear me, I know you have a reason for this, but Lord, I miss my little life, such as it was without my son. Could I please get a break here about finding a job??

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