08 October 2009

OK, things aren't going well for nearly every one on the planet.

There have been over 49 large earthquakes in the South Pacific, Asia, and other spots on the Pacific Ring of Fire in the last 24 hours.

Several credible sources (Google 'em, I can't afford to be screwed by some fat-cat whose last name is best known as being the daddy of that swell mainstream media outlet intent on charging for access to information) say this earthquake activity is "most unusual" and the FoxsMom Doom Meter is inching into the red zone.

Especially when I look at the global doom unfolding-the economy is about to see another hit from ARM mortgages going into default, additionally, reverse morrtgages are expected to become a huge problem-SOON.

Less than one job opening exists for every one thousand job seekers (of which I am one "...alms, alms for the poor...")

Panflu is hotting up, several people have died today alone and the news within the next week is going to be rather alarming even to those who have thus far skated by singing the ever popular meme "Wash yer hands, it's mild, just wash yer hands...". Sure, and that's why you are all of a sudden urging people to get that adjuvent loaded (although they swear it's not, but damn, what's thimerisol after all, if not something added? It's mercury, btw) vax, it's mild. Um huh.

In Detroit yesterday approximately 50K (yes that's right, I typed fifty-thousand) people tried to get in on 5K (yes that's right, I typed five-thousand) available applications for federally assisted housing money.

OK, so far Doom wise we've got:

Earthquake doom
More mortgage meltdown doom
Job doom
PanFlu doom
Housing doom

If that ain't DOOM-IN-YER-FACE, what is? But wait! There's more...

The fine city fathers and economic developers of a tiny Montana town named Hardin damn near lost what little they had left when a company claiming (but covertly claiming, they coyly never named names) to be an off-shoot of Blackwater and tried take over the town.

No, really, I can't make this stuff up. They rode into town in three black Mercedes Benz suvs emblazoned with the non-existent Hardin PD logo that supposedly somehow had morphed to include a Serbian aristocratic house emblem.

Luckily they were eventually exposed as two-bit chumps looking to scam a small Montana town that just so happens to own an empty semi-state of the art small prison...The self-styled CEO has a warrant out for his bad self in WY, and oh yeah, he's done time in a California DOC 'guesthouse'-read that as prison.

And oh yeah, the Mercedes Benz vehicles were leased and the payments not been made.

So add contractor doom to the growing doom list. We are so screwed.

And I still cannot find a job. Times like these I'm glad my children don't talk to me, or else I'd be having a terrible time keeping it from them-money is soooo short, I'm running out of it and lot rent (includes electric and water), cell, and Internet are due on the 15th. I am probably writing my last blog entry in a while...

If it is, hope to see you on the Flip Side.

Keep those hands washed, kids, and stay close to a doorway or sturdy table in case of a 'quake so big it reaches YOU.

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