13 January 2006

Our floor supervisor got the two kids I was most worried about job interviews with a friend of his who manages an electronics store.

Tomorrow our department head is having a meeting with all of us to outline the changes taking effect Monday. I like working at a company that has meetings-the last one we had was great-informative, shortish, and included free pizza and Pepsi. (Ooops, should I have said that we had Pepsi in the Co-Cola state?:)

I am still hoping Ariel Sharon will wake up and ask who won the elections-a sure sign of his undiminished mental capacity to have awakened knowing he has surely missed the elections, and is curious about the results.

Hey, hope floats! Drs (they don't know everything!) told me I couldn't get pregnant-I have TWO adult children that I promise you I personally gave birth to after carrying them for the prerequisite nine wretched months.

OK, the nine months with Fox were not as bad as the ten with his sister-she refused to be born. I really think she was not interested until her hair was a decent length, and she'd sprouted a tooth. The doctors were amazed; even her fontenale were closed.

Fortunately I was able to keep them from inserting a steel plate in her head-is she grateful? Hmmph.

So. A new year begins to play out.

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