12 January 2006

I started this blog one afternoon a few months ago after a young twerp told me I was too old to find a real job, and that I should throw myself on the altar of mediocrity (Burger King-truly the king of dead end jobs), instead of wasting her time trying to find me a temp-to-hire job.

I needed a place to vent. Hence, The Blog.

Then she called and said she'd found me a little job. She told me not to get too excited, that the job was only temporary; although the company was planning to hire a few of the temps, surely I wouldn't be one of them. She stressed, repeatedly, that to become a permanent hire I would have to really impress "the Powers that be" in a tone of voice, and with accompanying body language that made clear her utter doubt that I could impress anyone at my advanced age.

Gee, what a swell way to start a job however temporary it would be.

I showed up the first day, and every one after, ready to work hard, but with a diminished self-confidence. Seriously diminished. I found myself asking every night as I left for the day, "Are you sure you want me to come back tomorrow?"

Today was the last day of the assignment for the temp workers.

I volunteered to go home early when it became apparent that there was not enough work for everyone, and the floor supervisor was looking more and more scared at the thought he might have to tell someone to go.

I reasoned that the temps needed every one of the last eight hours they were going to get from the job, especially since several of the temps haven't been offered new temp positions elsewhere. Most of them have children, small ones, at home.

As for me, I am going permanent, and as such, am expected to arrive tomorrow morning ready to put in a full eight hours, at the job the 'recruiter' for the temp agency that placed me, was so very sure I would leave at the end of the assignment. She was so sure I would not impress the powers that be.



And especially, thank-you Father! I cried out to you in my distress, and you answered by reminding me that if this job had not worked out, still you would always provide...

Please Lord, help those kids find work.

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