03 March 2017


Yesterday afternoon my Apple MacBook, a mere 9 years old with the original OS running on and so many 'temp files' that I always somehow forgot to back up, DIED. I shut it down to do the dishes and when I came back hours later (no, not that many dishes, just got distracted by real life:) and tried to boot up - IT WOULDN'T!!!

We took it down to the Apple repair place this morning and they are going to try to fix it, update it, and (to me) most importantly - retrieve all my files. The very nice young tech told me (as soon as my husband was out of earshot) they get this sort of thing all the time. He said he sees this all the time and the problem was more than likely owing to 9 years of accumulated dust, toast crumbs, and the occasional teeny-tiny splash of fizzy drink. He's not going to say that part about toast crumbs and fizzy drink anywhere my husband can hear, he's been sworn to secrecy (also a routine occurance, he said) and will simply say the problem was caused by accumulated dust. I should have it back in a month with upgraded guts and running like/better than new.

OH. MY. STARS. A month! I'm going to go stark raving mad having to endure using the back-up laptop!! It's an Advent running MS Win7 Premium. Which means it r u n s  v e r y   s   l   o   w. Insanely slow. Unacceptably slow.

I find myself wishing that nice young man had tried to sell me the latest MacBook Pro - something he said he wouldn't do as my 9 year old MacBook was in such good condition and could be easily upgraded to run the latest Apple OS and I'd be over the moon with the results of his tender attention to what he called an absolute classic MacBook.

On a plus side, he's going in after the files first which he will transfer to a stick and call me as soon as that is done - should be a week, tops, he said. So my photos, crafts, etc, files will be on the back-up laptop soon.

Ok, ok, ok - at least with this back-up laptop I'm online and owing to the more current OS and browser I can actually get to sites the outdated OS and browser refused to access. That's very nice. But not nice enough to end the bl__dy frustration of the unacceptably slow boot-up, the unacceptably slow page loads, the constant work stoppages when Microsoft issues yet another in an unacceptably long line of 'absolutely must have required updates'...that of course slow the fecking machine EVEN MORE!

OH GOD IN HEAVEN I MISS MY MACBOOK - Apple, you can be as arrogant as you care to be - your computers are AMAZING and being without mine is TORTURE!!

I gave up Internet shopping for Lent. And now I find myself wishing I could give up laptop use for Lent. But I can't - when the adult children and their children are 5 and 8 thousand miles across The Pond I have NO choice - I MUST BE ABLE TO CHECK MY INBOX.

God help me, it's going to be a VERY long month until my MacBook is back in my fevered little hands!

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