05 November 2016

The iceman cometh...it's Guy Fawkes Night morning, and sleet is hitting the house and windows. SO COLD we kept the heaters on all night last night, BRRRRRR cold - GRRRRRR to the coming electric bill!

We went down to Arbroath Victoria Park late yesterday afternoon and it was simply too cold to get out of the motor to walk along the promenade. Yes, we were cosily bundled up including hand knitted hats and hand crocheted gloves (SO glad I finally learned to knit, and SO glad the mittens and gloves crocheted last year are still lovely!) but we were so cosy in the car we just couldn't force ourselves out into the blustery winds. I did get a lovely photo through the windscreen though (see below).

Also presented here is what's on the lap frame this month. I have two embroidery projects going - this one on the frame which is a table runner/dresser scarf, and a Christmas design (photos to come on another blog post) in the 10 inch hoop. And of course I'm working on a crochet project - this time a pair of gloves for Paul...that I'm avoiding as I have to rippit back to the cuff section, sigh.

Paul is busy as well - he did over the bathroom and WOW, why did we endure that horror for six years is what I'd like to know! Nothing terribly fancy, we had a plumber in to change the over-bath electric shower (the old one finally gave out - not even a trickle from it and once the new one was in - OMGsh, WOW-WOW-WOW, water pressure!! Best shower I've had outside a hotel EVER!) sanitary-ware and hand-wash basin mount then Paul went in there and decorated (painted to my American readers:).

Dark sage green 3/4s of the way up the way to pick up the tiling over the bath, a medium grey band (2 inches) to pick up the chrome on taps and other 'furniture' (what the British call door knob/handles, towel bars, etc), and a creamy 'magnolia' to pick up the slight hints of gold(ish) in the bath tiles. The same grey on the wood floors goes down on the wood floor in the spring - it's now too cold to try painting a floor in NE Scotland - personally I think we should just pick up some inexpensive (yeah, I mean cheap(ish) floor tiles and just 'get 'er done' but heigh ho, Paul's in charge...

TIP: when marrying an Aspie, it's best to be sure you're marrying a rich one so you can hire in jobs - otherwise the work drags out for MONTHS and even YEARS! The truth of why it took so long to transform the one and only bathroom in this bungalow from 'Tijuana Texaco bathroom' (if you've been there, you know exactly what I mean!) to bathroom a person can bear to use comfortably is...we couldn't agree a decorating scheme or even a plumber to change out the fixtures.

I'm very sadly serious. I walked into that horror 19 August 2010 and immediately walked out saying - 'That entire bathroom has GOT to go!' and six years on, it has:)

Quick note on the current affairs here...Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish First Minister) continues to bluster and threaten (and I continue to pray Paul and I experience a miracle and can move South of The Wall - the woman and her SNP have made Scotland both a hellhole and a global laughing stock), Theresa May (UK Prime Minister) is facing an onslaught of 'the honeymoon is definitely over' attacks on her ability to lead Britain through the Brexit process, Nigel Farage is hoped to be on the verge of returning full-time to saving Britain, and Boris Johnson is proving himself a rather uniquely abled Foreign Secretary who should be PM if there is any justice at all in this world.

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