19 October 2016

Oh, the things kids do!

Yes, I know, my oldest is 39 years old. So given her age one would suppose her no longer a kid and possessing of a modicum of good sense, no?

Apparently the answer as regards my 39 year old daughter is...


Over the weekend she told my step-mother, The Wicked Witch Of The West (please, just trust me. The word 'toxic' was invented to describe the woman I grew up calling Alice Capone) that I'd been tragically run over by a car.

I know my daughter meant well, but...

WTF was she thinking??!!

Ftr - I, Fox's Mom, am fully alive and well(ish). No tragic death by crosswalk mishap. I yet live.

I've had frantic phone calls and emails from friends I've trusted with my contact details (as in I can trust them to never-never-never-EVER divulge those details to The Wicked Witch) but there are those who don't keep up with me except via my blog (poor dears!) so for them I am here to say it is Wednesday afternoon (Scottish time), 19 October 2016, and I am alive.

And I promise I'll be especially careful crossing roads in the foreseeable future:) You know, just in case.

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