30 September 2010

We've been crunching numbers, searching websites, making phone calls-I cannot, CANNOT, give up on Mozart and Gonzo!

It looks as though we may be able to work something out with a friendly vet in the States and get the cats over much sooner after all-never say never is a new phrase I'm taking as a mantra until the crates carrying my two precious furbabies comes through the door!

Poor Mozart and Gonzo, I hate that they'll have to take that long flight, but I hate even more that I dreamt of Mozart flinging himself back into the woods, and Gonzo sitting in the middle of the lane in front of The Tin Shack meowing...


  1. We're wondering why you can't just get Mozart & Gonzo chipped now in the US, then bring them over?

    FWIW, we've never seen a credible report with any actual data linking cancer to those chips. The ones we've seen all start to dissolve once you start checking their math.

    (that doesn't mean there isn't one, we guess, it just means we've never seen it)

  2. We think we've found a vet in the States who will give them another set of rabies shot and chip them at the same time, the trouble is that they had the three year set in Feb '10, and their regular vet is reluctant to stab them again before at least a year has passed.

    UK laws state the cats will have to be quarantined for six months in a government facility if their shots and chips weren't done in the same visit.



  3. Sounds kinda dumb to us.

    Surely the UK doesn't want a new chip inserted every time the kittie gets a rabies update/stabbing.

  4. No, just when they are brought over from a different country. The chip has to have their UK address details, and ALSO has to conform with their equipment-which I am having a really hard time time finding out about so that our friendly vet in the US can implant the right chip.

    It is driving me just a little insane, frankly!


  5. Just checking in.

    We all hope things are going well for you beans and Mozart and Gonzo. (and Gracie, too, we guess)


  6. I sure hope you can work something out. If I had to chose between my kitties and hubby I'm afraid hubby would lose. Of course, most days I'd just like him to go away.~Donna


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