24 September 2010

I made the most difficult decision yet yesterday-I had to admit I will not be able to bring Mozart and Gonzo over to the UK, and I began the hunt for a new home for my two beloved cats.

Oh God, it is shredding me. I feel as though I betrayed a trust-they both found me, forced their way into my heart, and now, due to finances and most importantly, the length of time it will take to get them over and through all of the many hoops the UK requires to bring un-chipped animals over, I am having to give them up.

If a domestic animal is not chipped already, the UK requires it be chipped and rabies vax'd at the same time-the timing on Mozart and Gonzo's rabies shots are such that it will be a year before I can even ship them.

By the time I can bring them over they will have been in foster care for nearly a year and a half.

If I'd known that this was going to happen I would have chipped them, I didn't because of all of the horror stories about the chips causing cancer.

I came across with two small suitcases and a rolling laptop bag-I sold everything I owned (and won't be getting the payments from the person I owner-financed even started until May '11.

And now my beloved Mozart and Gonzo will not be joining me in the UK.

Not a good day for me, but especially not for them. I may not be blogging for a while, I feel so awful about losing those two dearest friends on top of losing my son (still no contact from Fox) that I am not really up to blathering on about my happy new life in Scotland.

Oh Mozart, oh my Mozart!

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