05 January 2009

Well, holiday over. I am back to work in the morning-if the job is still there, sheesh!

The news from anywhere is pretty bad. Not much of anything coming up, well, optimistic. So considering everything, I am more than a little worried about my job being there for me in the morning, and I worry like this every night as I try to drift into sleep.

Friday night I had the "Oh hell, what do I do if I lose my job" middle of the night shakes so badly I didn't fall asleep until 0400.

All the positive self talk in the world is not helping (blah, blah, blah, yadda, yaddah...).

Knowing I am one of millions worried does not help one whit because this little bit of misery is vehemently opposed to loving company-"G'WAN, Gid'oudda'here!" I'm just not into feeling better seeing others suffer.

So, we'll see. Obviously, I was unable to find other work over my first holiday in nearly three years. I don't really want to because I like my work but holy moly do I have say that with this economy even if I hated my job I would do everything I could to hang on to it.

Happy New Year, here's hoping 2009 turns out to be fine.

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