24 January 2009

I am a serious 'holic':


Please make note of my reluctance to call myself a work/news/weather junkie. Eeeeew, who wants to be known as a junkie?? 'Holic is much more socially acceptable.

Yesterday afternoon my workaholism was officially placed into involuntary rehab-although I am the quintessential Employers dream-salaried-the so-called youngr&wisr PTB (Powers That Be) cut me off.

No longer will I be permitted to come in at 0600 and work until 1800 or 1900; no, I must cool my heels until my newly assigned assistant drags in at 0730. When she lunches from 1200 to 1230, I must also, and when she departs at 1600 so must I. And with only rare exceptions, weekends are also now OUT for time to get things done at the office.

OK, no problem, maybe I can find a second job. I'm thinking maybe laundry and housekeeping work that has been sorely delayed around The Tin Shack, LOL.

RighteeO, now I get to feed my other 'holisms, namely news and weather. YIPPEE!

Once upon a time I favoured (heavily) CNN for must-have-news. But ya know, MSNBC has really done magnificent things with their site, and I am now clicking on that link first thing after the "Jeez How Much Longer Is This Boot-Up Gonna Take?!" permits me to avail myself of the lightening fast Internet speed of my Internet provider. I could spend all day on the MSNBC site.

With only one annoying exception. OMGosh, when are they gonna cut the Today Show death trap?? I am really bent when TTS hijacks me to the hideously slow/totally useless fluff site, but I have those r*tB*st*rds-I just snap up to the MSNBC logo and click back to reality. Hmmmm, that logo is getting smaller and harder to find...

I have two primary weather sites, TWC of course, and NOAA. 'Nuff said:)

I am trying to break my very serious forum addiction (Hello, My name is Fox's Mom and I am addicted to on-line forums), recognized when I spent at least 80% of my recent holiday (twelve days, sigh) toggling back and forth between three of my favourites. Frugality, TEOTWAWKI, and Tin Shacks.

Signs of the times, I guess, how to save money while prepping for the end of the known world in a Tin Shack. Kind of a Low-Rent Survivalism, huh?

Maybe I'll sign up for the Cat Lovers forum instead.

Have a great weekend!

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