24 August 2006


Please go there, and click on the 'Light a Candle' link. Then click on 'Groups' and then scroll down until you find the Peace candle group. This site IS hosted by a Christian group-and welcomes ALL faiths without ANY attempts to change one's beliefs...

When I went offline the last day of July 2006, this candle group was down to a single digit number of candles burning. I lit one, and prayed for peace and lots more light bringers...

When I got back online exactly one week ago, I had some blogs to check, then I went to the candles, and almost fell off the chair-over 100 candles were burning! I forget how many countries were represented the first day I was back, but I can tell you that today, nearly 250-TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY!-CANDLES ARE SHINING-LIT BY SOME ONE FROM OVER 30 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!


At least two hundred people from over 30 different countries came to light a candle and publically pray for peace amoung men!

France, Italy, Israel, Lebanon...Great Britain, Austria, Hungary;

the US, Canada, Egypt, Belgium! Hati, Malaysia, Germany, Poland, and Romania;

Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, Sweden...

The testimony of over thirty different countries where some one person said in his or her native language, and in his or her homeland, "Today, I will be a light..."


And thank-you, ML from Luxemburg, for finding the little 'group' I started for my son, and for lighting a candle there.

Please tour the site and if you wish to light a personal candle for a personal concern, I can tell you that you are welcome to do so-be prepared that someone may find your candle and add their voice by lighting one with you.

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