26 August 2006

I am re-thinking quite a lot of things.

(But some things are constants-Faith, Hope, Love-somethings never change...)

For example, my adventures in The Corporate World.

Frankly, the adventure palls.

Yesterday, according to company tradition, everyone having a birthday over the weekend was visited by their department head, and given a big fat Starbuck's cookie. Short of singing the Birthday Song, a rather big deal is made of the occasion.

Mid-morning, in waltzed ours, who with great fanfare and loud announcement bestowed upon a co-worker with whom I share the birthdate, the big fat Starbuck's cookie.

And then he left the room.

Without stopping at my desk.

Which several other people noticed.

The day before, the 'team' got our team leader to ask me to run a system process that required an hour in the other room.

While they had a birthday party for everyone else on the team celebrating a birthday in August.

Shortly after lunch HR distributed the monthly newsletter-announcing, amoung other news of note, company birthdays being 'celebrated' during August.

Lord, for my birthday, I want a stacking washer/dryer so that I can stop washing clothes by hand in the sink, and I want a job where the boss has a hell of a lot more class, and my co-workers a whole hell of a lot more couth!

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