17 July 2017

Gutted. The 13th Doctor will be a Pathetically Correct female. The 'actress' is a casting choice by the only TV director who ever casts her - go figure that one, eh?

Worse, she's not a very good actress to begin with. Her biggest 'claim to fame' is the character she portrayed (badly by viewer reports including mine - she was so wretched I and many others deliberately blocked out her whiney screeching every time she hove into view). Oh, and her stripping off for full frontal nudity on screen and stage.

Well, BBC has killed off the Doctor Who franchise - the last real Dr Who episode will be shown at Christmas during which the amazing and badly done-by Peter Capaldi 'regenerates' into this PC female. I'll be wearing a black armband embroidered with 'RIP DR WHO' that day and the day the first Jodie Whittaker episode is broadcast.

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