11 September 2016


I wasn't going to post a new piece today - I've blogged before about 9/11 and thought this year I'd remember the day (and the days-months-years following) quietly. Without comment.


But last night I finally watched the movie 'United 93'. It came out in 2006 and until last night I've not been able to bring myself to watch it.

And this morning (British Summer Time) on opening my email the first thing I saw was an article on one of the Patch feeds I follow (the one from New Jersey, USA). The article was about how 9/11 is taught and commemorated in schools.

And then I saw a piece on a different feed I follow about a California university history department head who ripped down commemoration posters students had placed around campus (Saddleback) saying the areas the posters had been placed aren't 'free speech zones'.

And I realised that despite this being the 15th anniversary of the most horrific attack EVER on American soil, an attack in which not only Americans but citizens of nearly every country on Earth lost their lives to a coordinated attack on freedom and democracy, has been deliberately muted, shuffled off to 'history' as something best brushed under the carpet and better left unmentioned to avoid (OMFG!) accusations of racism.

As if islam is a race (in case you didn't know, islam is a 'religion' of dubious origin and practices, and is most certainly NOT A RACE).

I'm female. I'm white (GASP - dare I say it?!). I'm Christian (insert another gasp here). I have Jewish ancestry (paternal granddad). I believe in 'gay rights'.

Oh yeah, baby, I'm everything the muslims hate.

Last night I found myself shouting at the screen - 'FILTH' every time one of the actors portraying the hijackers was on-screen.

This morning I found myself sputtering outraged at the Patch piece recounting how some teachers are using the horror of 9/11 to shove collective (and utterly unjustified) 'white guilt' down American schoolchildren's throats. Or mindless food oriented patriotic fervor. Or perhaps worst - that ultimately the evil Russians caused this when they invaded Afghanistan way back when (in the 1980s and 90s) so we should hate the evil Russians. Really - that's what one teacher focusses on for his students, that this is all Russia's fault. Sweet Jesus, we are sooooooooooooooooooo screwed!

Didn't help to read our resident commie Jeremy Corbyn (UK Labour Party leader) distinguished himself yet again with ambiguous, faintly damning expressions of sympathy for 'those suffering the terror and its aftermath' - ya know, 'cause we brought it on ourselves and so deserved to wake up that morning just in time to see the South Tower collapse knowing we'd just watched colleagues, friends, family DIE ON LIVE TV, ffs!

Meanwhile, muslimas flounce around in niqabs (yeah, it's true - West Midlands Police are seriously considering permitting the full-face veil and body bag (er, I mean the niqab and burka) as WPC official uniforms. For those who request it. How nice (she said in a voice drenched with sarcasm) the WPCs currently only able to wear their hijabs will henceforth be able to request to wear the identity-hiding niqab. More and more muslim males are prancing around our streets in their jimmie-jams. Nothing in the korny-ran helly book they follow demands the silly outfits but ffs don't say anything about their clothes and insane religious practices or you'll be a racist and lose your job-home-children. Seriously. I live in Scotland - and what I've written today on this blog could well have the Thought Polis to my door - there have already been arrests and prosecutions resulting in custodial sentences for the crime of calling a spade a spade.

Freedom of speech? Yer havvin a laff.

You know, because shariah law is the future, you infidel kaffir, so get with the programme of islamic overrunning of your countries.


Meanwhile, so-called 'feminists' and large swaths of the same-sex oriented continue to proclaim themselves 'pro-islam' - I fecking despair.

Meanwhile...I could go on and on and on and on. I've lost 'friends' who think I'm horrible because I can see what is happening and I don't like it. Succinctly, if I wanted to be around muslims and shariah and flinging gays off towers and stoning rape victims, I'd go live in some muslim dominated country. I don't want to live that way so I live in the West...But

But across the US, the UK (where I now live and where countless generations of my gene pool have lived), and Europe, commemorations of 9/11 have been cancelled if planned at all in the first place.

This year, the 'rule' is - 'Don't Mention Islamic Terrorism!'

We're doomed.

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