02 January 2013

!!!HAPPY NEW YEARS 2013!!!

Another bank holiday for Scotland. I've Googled and can't find a good answer to the question as to why we Scots enjoy an extra bank holiday of 2nd January, supposedly we are such hearty party-ers that we need the extra day to recover. Not buying it, there is a better reason that has been lost in the shuffle.

The banks are open. Most stores are open. But the atmosphere will be relaxed and I for one appreciate that more tranquil easing into a New Year.

I see the US has managed to avoid lasting damage from falling off the fiscal cliff overnight, and have put aside their one-ups-manship for a few brief minutes to vote and approve a plan whilst muttering dire asides to handy press. As usual. New Year-New Me clearly doesn't apply to politicians. They should see what we see, those of us down here amongst the people.

Frankly 'It's' all the same here in the UK. Scotland is beginning the independence campaign in earnest now; I do wish both sides of the issue would produce something more meaningful than 'Vote NO/YES because it will be great for us to stay/leave the Union!!' No, really, so far neither side has taken it further than vague promises of how great it's going to be-the very real issues are not being addressed and anyone from your next door neighbour to the leader of the NO campaign are accused of scaremongering if they dare ask a question.

The YES campaigners are on track to embarrass the hell out of everyone as they continue to insist everything will be just fab should we Scots vote ourselves out of the 300+year old Union but they keep insisting 'of course we'll stay in the EU after independence', 'of course we'll keep the Queen', 'of course we'll continue on the Great British Pound Sterling and the Bank of England will continue to back us'.

Except...the EU has made it clear repeatedly they will force an independent Scotland to reapply for member state status. The Scottish First Minister and his team continue to embarrass those of us tempted to vote YES by going on camera and insisting the EU is wrong and of course we'll be a member state, we'll be in a negotiating position from within, not without.

*In spite of the fact that England is moving closer and closer to a referendum to get the hell out of the EU, and most Scots don't want to stay in the EU anymore than an Englishman. My word, uncontrolled immigration of Europe's criminal class on top of it's impoverished masses into the UK is destroying it-we MUST leave the EU for our own survival.

*Will we become a Commonwealth country, really, when even in Jolly Olde the Republican (anti-monarchy) tide is rising? When Scottish apathy towards the Royal Family has rarely been higher than it is now? Pockets of Royalists can be found but in the main what I'm seeing in the streets of Scotland is a profound indifference-when the Royals make an appearance in Scotland you don't really see a large crowd, and what crowd you do see is made up of mainly women and children.

*It is only in the First Minister's fevered imaginations that we could continue on with the Pound Sterling-the Bank of England has, like Brussels, made it clear that an independent Scotland will not enjoy a currency backing from the BoE. Should we actually achieve independence and manage to remain a member state of the EU we will be forced onto the bloody, bleeding Euro. OH HELL NO!! No to the EU, and HELL NO to the floundering Euro-I wants me GBP Sterling in me purse, thank-you very much.

Personally I would prefer not to have to be considering these things-I'm a British Federalist who believes the United Kingdom properly agreed is still a world beater. Survival and prosperity of all citizens of the Isles depends on us working together-key word TOGETHER, thou gentlemen of Westminster!

But naturally the enmity between Scotland and England requires an end to the Union because oh no, my boyos, we cannae have a civilised, mature discussion and renegotiation of terms, it's bloody all or nothing. Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face is beyond stupid. I cannot believe I made it across the pond only to be landed up in the middle of an Independence vote run by near-utter incompetents, I really can't.

The English aren't making it any easier with their sneering condescension, their apparent comfort at taking our oil and whisky revenues whilst assuring us we are getting so much more out of the Union bargain, why the English people are worn down and overburdened by the weight of Scrounger Scotland (meanwhile of course we contribute billions more than we get in return)...The English don't even go out of their way to express their contempt for us because it's clear we're invisible to the English, including Westminster-if I hear 'One Nation' one more time I am going to London and personally projectile vomit in Eddie's direction. The Union does not begin and end in Westminster or within England's green and pleasant borders, Sir!

The Scottish anger at the continued sniping and disrespect is growing. WE ARE NOT ONE NATION! The Union is FOUR NATIONS, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. We must recognise and celebrate each other. Surely we must stand together or we truly shall all hang separately, how on earth is this a difficult concept to grasp?!

The thought of a clearly English Westminster seemingly intent on alienating Scotland whilst asset stripping it does make me (and many of my fellow voters) want to vote YES just to wipe that smug look off their faces.

But oh dearie me, the thought of voting YES with the current group of numpties in charge is terrifying...

Bloody swell, 2013 looks more 'fraught' than 2012.

God help us because clearly we haven't the brains to help ourselves!

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