07 June 2009

I gotta get over to Mozart and Gonzo's blog so they can catch people up as the furballs have seven followers!

As for me, the handyman is coming by in a couple of hours to rip out the old kitchen cabinets and install some good old fashioned farmhouse shelves over the sink. I'm hoping to get him to build a pantry over by the freezer, we'll see.

The cherry tomato seed I planted in an unused hanging pot seems to be doing nicely. Again, we'll see, but I have such hopes that I am looking into planting more container veggies. I'm even looking into planting a potato eye or two.

Both sets next door neighbours moved across the lane into bigger houses, it's much quieter without them on my side of the lane.

It's been hot up here, rainy, humid. I planted some roses and have only had to water once, same with the tomato (only one of three seeds survived, sigh). Nice change from the drought we've been enduring the last three years.

I'm still on about TEOTWAWKI happening sooner rather than later; between Peak Oil, the economic crash/crunch, and the damn flu, things have been rather doomish since September '08.

I wonder if my former classmates think about me as they are laid off despite their bright and shiny 2004 UoP business degrees-my thesis was titled "The New Working Poor-Priced Out Of Life" and most of them laughed tao at me for thinking there was a PTB war on the middle class.

Of course time has proven me right, Thursday the CountryWide exec was indicted for mortgage fraud and running a (say it with me...) Ponzi scheme-no, really???

I think about Crusty, who let himself get caught with hookers because he wanted to punish me for not letting him get one of those sub-prime loans for a beach house.

Haha, Hurricane Ivan took out his beach house.

DAMMITT the sorry bastard got an SBA loan of close to 100K to rebuild his friggin beach house-I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed off about that!

I'm trying to rebuild my life. Not easy. How do I explain to people that my son hates me when I don't really understand it myself? I miss him more everyday, and try to keep from going insane but frankly it is not easy.

I read the book The Road, and could not stop thinking that will be my son and my grandson.

I watched an episode of Criminal Minds featuring a pig farmer who kidnapped young people, one of the victims looked so much like my son I had to turn off the TV.

Life is harsh when you are alone. I am alone. I hate it. But I would not turn back time if it meant having to be with Crusty; I love my son, but I will not put up with the physical and emotional violence he put me through, not to mention the two paid for cars he trashed...

For now, this is as good as it gets, I guess.

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