12 April 2008

Winter is making a return appearance this evening. It will be strange to have the heaters going again after turning them off and getting ready for AC season by cleaning the filters and vacuuming off the coils on the AC units.

Sheesh, there is even a freeze warning that extends through the middle of the coming week! Not that I mind winter, I like it. It just was nice to not need the heaters for a few days.

Things at work are still quite strange and frightening. 'Nuff said.

One of my neighbours mowed my lawn for me last week, which was a great help. I'm out of shape, although that is soon to be a thing of the past as I am walking and doing some upper body strengthening. I am not trying to stave off old age as much as I am trying to stave off feeling like a lump:)

I have been trying my best to be ultra frugal. The cats are disappointed because they can't come to the library to blog with me, and Gonzo is staring at the remote control with a rather pointed look on his little fur face as if to say, "People, this dang thing don't work anymore!"

Luckily, my blog is so boring to Gonzo and Mozart that even if they made it to the library and logged on without being caught, they still wouldn't come to my blog and find out that the cable and Internet should be back up at our house in a few weeks-I HOPE!

Well, time's up, gotta go:)


  1. KC here...
    we's jus waiting fur your blog to be back... hope effurrying is okay...

  2. Hi. Just thought we ought to check in, see how things are going for you.

    Getting better, we're hoping and purraying.



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