02 January 2008

Happy New Year!

OK, show of hands-who can believe it is 2008, already?! Hopefully I will start the year off right by not writing '07, or worse, '97 on everything for the next week.

The Iceman cometh-the temp tonight is forecast to drop into the high 20's. Brrrr. I've got the heaters on, and the house feels pretty good so far, but I'll have to leave the taps open tonight, just in case. More of the adventures of living in a tin shack.

I made my resolutions, did the New Year money planting; I watched the Rose parade. I napped with the cats.

A good start to the new year, I think. Still, I am hoping this year will be better than last in a lot of ways, mostly work.

I miss being a homemaker; I miss working with real adults-has the world totally gone round the bend? I swan I've never been in the middle of such a large concentration of loonies as I am at work!

From what I'm seeing, most workplaces are more like day care for loonies than places where something useful is accomplished. If co-workers spent all of their work time protecting their jobs by doing their jobs instead of 'protecting' their jobs by cutting each others throats, the world would be a hell of a lot more productive!

Things don't look too good from where I'm sitting. Gasoline and food prices are on a steady upward climb; the mortgage and credit crisis is going to lead to Recession if not Depression, and most seem too willing to claim the Emperor is stylishly clad in the very latest Gucci...Geez Louise, whatta a bunch of bloody ostriches!

It's scary when everyone around is so afraid yet they refuse to admit the Boogey Man is real after all.

It all makes me think maybe all the doomsayers are on to something.

We'll see. Hopefully, everything will be great in 2008! Hey! Let's all prepare for um, maybe not the worst, but, ya know, just prepare, BUT...

Let's try that ole' Positive Thinking thing.

You know, "Clap your hands if you believe in Faeries!" and "Happy thoughts! Think Happy Thoughts if you want to fly!"

Let's fly!

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  1. I couldn't agree more - I live on the other side of the world but every single thing you said rings true over here! The people at my work are loonies too ha ha, some very random people. But it is local government so I suppose is par for the course!

    I am awaiting the inevitable recession, house prices have already started faltering and one of our major banks went bust recently.

    I want to emigrate!



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