08 December 2007

One of us should go and I am certain it is not me. One of us will go and I am becoming more and more sure it is me.

Blondie got Young Mr Boss fired on Halloween Day, how we are not sure, although we know why.

Since his spectacularly bizarre removal from the building things have gone from getting much better to incredibly screwed up.

I finally lost it and told Blondie that if the rest of the team did not stop taking out their stress on me I was going to file a report against her for not only permitting it but openly encouraging it.

She responded by lying to me and then going to several others and claiming I was going to file a report against them.

Meanwhile, I'm turning out perfect spreadsheets that I've taken to copying the appropriate persons on while I get the information contained therein to the pinhead who is buying into Blondie's steer manure.

SIDEBAR WARNING: I don't say BS. I've owned many a fine bull in my life, and I promise you to identify something as worthless by calling it BS (bull manure) is to display first one's ignorance of just how very valuable a bull is, and then secondly to display for all listeners one's sheep flock mentality-as in I'm so easily led I will pick-up on any catch phrase that makes me look as though I am part of the in-crowd.


Steers, on the intelligent hand, are good for one thing only-FOOD. Duh. Therefore the manure produced by steers is logically useless, ergo worthless. Duh.


I love diving into my work. I hate being treated the way I am by those who are apparently so insecure they find me threatening when I am enthusiastic about what I do.

Lord, send me a real job! Surely out there near by is an employer who really means what he/she says when he/she adverts for a team-playing self-starter who has think-on-his/her feet skills along with terrific organizational, business and cyber skills and is not afraid to say " don't know but let's find out!" and then does.

Things are so awful at work that I refuse to participate in any of the group feeds (as in I will not break bread with those who are not trust-worthy and make me feel terribly uncomfortable with the hypocrisy of all that steer manure of bonhomie at the holidays. Hope floats, but not in a cess pool! Duh.

I read a thing about toxic workplaces, and how 'teams' are a family. As such, these teams can be functioning at varying degrees of success from highly to sub zero. Dysfunctional, just as flesh and blood families.

I spent my first 28 years in a family so dysfunctional I am completely surprised, daily, that murder wasn't done.

I spent another 18 years in a completely dysfunctional marriage wherein my husband was such a coward he resorted to 'accidental' pushes, shoves, slams, etc, instead of the beating he so obviously wanted to administer. Maybe he knew I would shred him if he dared openly lay a hand on me. At any rate, he took the coward's way of the 'oops, did I do that?' and I'm such a nice person I always gave him the benefit of the doubt. Silly me, to a point. Christian me, to a fault? God will decide.

Well and truly, methinks it time to shake the dust of my current employer from my poor tired feet.

I'm looking. I am in full faith the Lord will lead me and those of us with our self-esteem still intact right the hell out of Egypt.


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  1. They moved me from a dept i enjoyed, i guess because im not one of the girls. so now im back in my old dept and on top of doing my old job i now have to do a new job too and get yelled at all the time for getting behind. i loe what i do as my old job but its not fair that they expect me to pull results the same as the others. i fear theyre looking for a reason to let me go, as this way they can say I dont have the results of the others. I have no support, and this loser guy I helped get on, being nice, was promoted to a supv position over me and Im more qualified, but they pull people around at the job and hide and create positions all the time. and i dont smoke, so strike 1against me, even though Im in healthcare, and our supv. just socialize all day, not do any work.
    I can sympathize with you.


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