02 July 2007

In memory of Gator, will you please go to dogsayeview.blogspot.com and click on the purple link? The dog mom there is giving a very generous amount of money to dog rescue services for everyone who clicks the purple link, posts a comment at her blog, and mentions the blog on theirs.

Jeez I miss him!

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  1. I read several of your posts after you left a comment on my wire fox terriers' blog. Reading between the lines, I could only imagine all that was left unsaid.

    I hope things are better. That you and your son are together. And that the memories of your Gator now bring you joy instead of the intense sorrow his death left you with.

    Living in Florida, I knew Andrew in 1992 and then Wilma two years ago. But the death of a beloved dog is infinitely worse than any hurricane, whether Andrew or Ivan or Katrina.

    I've clicked on DogsAye View in memory of all the dogs who deserve better than what they've had.

    All the best to you, Fox's Mom.


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