01 October 2006

I think I have too many passwords. I'm not all that worried someone of a criminal bent would be remotely interested in stealing my identity, so why do I have all these complex passwords? It just seems a little over done. Besides, I have to write down all of the passwords and what account the password grants me access to-and post the list next to the CPU-welcome Mr. Burglar, here is how to really finish me off...

I've been thinking about changing the way I use the Internet; I've been considering what I want out of life compared to what I have in life; I've been working on making some changes.

For one thing, I seem to have lost my sense of humour. I want to get it back. I know how, too. So, BOOM BOOM, off goes the computer after I get the blog written, email read, candles lit, and the research I need done. (Today I researched laundry centers-one piece washer dryers. I'll be going with the one that has the separate compartments)

I'm more fun to be around after I've read a good hard copy book. All respect to www.gutenbergproject.org but Dumas and Hugo were meant to be savored by candle or sunlight, not the eerie glow of AdobeReader. Even if I've printed it off on the home printer (which I haven't been able to do since last September, when money got REALLY tight, and ink got REALLY expensive) hard copy beats out the screen window any day.

Also, I'm going to try again to quit smoking. Hey, it could happen! I even dreamt about it last night; one of my youngest co-worker enlisting the others to help him gently pry my fingers from around the flip-top pack...

I'm ready for fall, and nearly ready for winter, and I will not let another Sunday go by without crocheting on my afghan. I am going to use my time more wisely, both here at the shack and at work.

The dog and I are walking longer, farther, at a more brisk pace-we both are better for it.

I'm standing up a bit straighter, too. Feeling a bit better, and having less trouble blocking out 'negative thoughts' that try to steal my courage.

Happy Autumn to you all-now, get out there and enjoy it!

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  1. Bianca,

    Thanks for all the powerful words as of late. I do not want you to worry. I am just so glad I have an avenue to express what I am feeling whether the feeling is good or bad and it helps knowing that others reading do so because they care. Remember, I am in unchartered territory where there are no rules of right and wrong...Also, and I posted it somewhere back when, I have liver canver that has spread to my kidneys and now, lungs. I never had a 1, 2 or 3 stage of the disease process, I just went right to stage END...but if anyone can LIVE with it, that would be me and with that comes all of my thoughts too.


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